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Dr. Richard Fedorak Develops New Colon Cancer Screening Test

Dr. Richard Fedorak and colleagues have developed a urine test to detect pre-cancerous polyps in the colon. Previously this detection has been done by fecal matter tests, which have a low accuracy as well as a low patient compliance rate. Through the detection of metablomic biomarkers in the urine Dr. Fedorak and colleagues identified pre-cancerous polyps with 97% accuracy in a cohort of 1200 patients.

Approximately 1200 people are diagnosed with colon cancer in Alberta every year, and with a mortality rate near 50% early detection is crucial for treatment.

Dr. Fedorak commented, “Since the fecal tests were invented 50 years ago, we haven’t had a new screening test for polyps. This would represent the first new screening test to determine whether there are polyps there in real time. It will fundamentally change the colon cancer screening programs”.

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