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Alberta IBD Consortium profiled in the Globe and Mail

On March 12 the Globe and Mail profiled Dr. Herman Barkema for his leadership of the Alberta Inflammatory Bowel Disease Consortium.

The Alberta IBD Consortium is an interdisciplinary team of clinical, biomedical, and epidemiological researchers from human and veterinary medicine backgrounds, whose purpose is to study the role that genetic, microbial, and environmental factors play in the development and disease course of inflammatory bowel disease.

Canada has amongst the highest established cases of IBD and new diagnosis of IBD per year. These devastating diseases most commonly begin in youth (age 10 to 30), and are estimated to coast Canada $1 Billion annually in direct healthcare costs, and $1.3 Billion in indirect costs incurred by sufferers such as reduced employment.

By better understanding the causes and progression of IBD, the Consortium hopes to pioneer advancements in treatment and prevention that will improve the lives of IBD patients and their families, and reduce the burden of these diseases on the health system and the economy.

Dr. Herman Barkema is a Professor of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease in the Faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary.

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